Our names are Lubna Saadeh and Shahzia Rahman and we’re two moms of pretty young kids. While that’s our first passion, we needed to nourish our dreams and creative spirit that fostered a sense of Islamic pride for our families. Art and home decor are two areas that had interested us for a while and this was our inspiration to bring to you thoughtful pieces that lead to meaningful conversations. We are excited about creating spaces that are elegant and classy but also maintain Islamic inspiration. A lot of thought and heart goes into every product we create, not only in terms of the item but also how it’s made.  We hope to support small businesses that encourage artisanal efforts and craftsmanship in everything produced. We started with small dreams and are excited to share them with you every step of the way and pray that what we create and curate will be special additions to your homes as well.                                                         - Shahzia & Lubna

Our Collection

We are a team that creates and curates thoughtful pieces that are a mix between trendy and classical, inspired by natural elements all around us.  Wood, metal, glass and clay are textures not only for your fingers, but also for your eyes.  Artisanal work is something we look forward to promoting.  Something about a single piece and the phases it goes through with each master of their own craft, brings joy and purpose to our space.  We hope these pieces accentuate your own space while reflecting the same love and thought it took to create.  

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