Marble Garland


Our newest interchangeable garland is made up of marble beads and wood polygons. The perfect blend of modern and traditional is beautifully portrayed with a mix of textures. *Available for pre-order, garlands will be shipped out August 1st.


We designed this interchangeable Garland to be used for the entire month of Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, AND Eid ul Adha. Simply replace Ramadan with Eid to have a long lasting, multi use piece for your home during the holy month and the holidays. Made from birch wood, Ramadan and Eid come stained. Accented with polygon beads that are stained to highlight the beauty of its shape as well as beautiful marble beads. This long lasting piece is meant to be used for years to come.


Each garland comes with 2 strads and the words Ramadan, Eid and Mubarak to be interchanged based on the event. 

*Length of Ramadan Mubarak Garland - 65 inches.
*Length of Eid Mubarak Garland - 60 inches.