Jewel Toned Ramadan/Eid Garland

Sophisticated Color is what we aimed for when developing this interchangeable Ramadan & Eid Garland. We’ve chosen hand dyed wooden beads with rich jewel tones accented with stained wooden polygons to create a look that was kid friendly but maintained sophistication so you’d feel proud to display even in your formal settings! Functions just like our classic garland.  

*Ramadan, Eid & Mubarak in wood stained in walnut
*Hand dyed round wooden beads
*Stained polygon wooden beads in Walnut
*Gold rings to change easily from Ramadan Mubarak to Eid Mubarak.
*Length of Ramadan Mubarak Garland - 65 inches.
*Length of Eid Mubarak Garland - 60 inches.